Unfortunately we don’t have a translated version of the entire web site. But here you get a brief description of our activities.

Agenda X

is the Norwegian Center against Racism’s youth department. It’s an offer for youth who lives in a society with cultural diversity. The users are the engineers; it is their requests, needs and resources that are important.

Agenda X has been a place in tvelve years where youth can:

  • Evolve
  • Make dreams come true
  • Become committed
  • Influence society
  • Tell stories
  • Get informed

Youth help Youth

is our over all principle. Every activity’s main objective is that the boys and girls attending will themselves be role models and teachers for younger boys and girls.

Big Brother and Big Sister

are two projects for youth who do not fit in or fall out of ordinary after school activities in Oslo. The projects offer a variety of activities.

X-ist and Malcolm X

are groups for girls only (X-ist) and boys only (Malcolm X). They meet every week to discuss various subjects. Sometimes they go to the cinema, the theatre, to concerts or they go bowling.


are always popular. Every workshop has different teachers; hip hop, poetry, song, literature, journalism, dance, photography, theatre etc. We offer these workshops because we want the participants to develop writing skills, and we want the voices of the youth growing up in a multicultural society to be heard.

Summer camp

is arranged every August (July 2011). Multicultural youth spend five days at camp in Arendal (south in Norway) with a variety of out- and indoor activities and workshops.

Studio Tell-X

offers courses in sound technique. Here you can get studio time to play your own music with professional instruction and help. Every Tuesday the scene at Agenda X is open to perform your own material from 8.15 pm to 9.15 pm.

Åpent hus

(Open house) is our latest regular activity. Two days a week (at present Tuesdays and Thursdays) from 4 pm to 8 pm you can come to our premises for a meal, a chat, to play games, to join our activities, or just to hang around. Every Tuesday you can also get help to apply for jobs at Jobb X at the same hours.

In addition to all this we arrange a variety of activities, such as weekend trips, concerts, theatre troops, dance courses, painting classes, and a lot more.